How do I find someone to install laminate flooring? Some questions to ask an installer and some you’ll need to answer

Hiring outside help to install your laminate flooring is also worth considering if you lack the necessary skills, time or inclination to do the job yourself. As a pre-finished floor requiring little other than being put into place over a suitable sub-floor, the average cost of using a contractor to install a laminate floor will be lower than that of an unfinished wooden or ceramic floor. However, despite the relative ease of installation compared to other floor types you should take care to select your installer.

Experienced fitters can often be found through flooring merchants and businesses listed on Google, Thumbtack, Angie’s List and more online. They will usually have numerous floor fitters listed too. It is recommended that you draw up a list of potential installers and make calls to all of them to first ascertain if they will be suitable for the job. Perhaps you may want to ask some of the following questions.

  • Do they have experience in laying laminate flooring?
  • Do they have verifiable references from other customers that they have recently carried installations for?
  • Do they have any photographs of recent installations they have done.Where are they located? (it’s probably not advisable to use someone who is based on the other side of the country)
  • Can they guarantee that their work will be of a high professional standard and that it will be free of defective workmanship?
  • Are they fully insured for any damage that may be caused due to errors in their work?
  • Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? (This can be verified with your local BBB)
  • When would they be available to start an installation?
  • How much do they charge?
  • Do they calculate their charges on an hourly or per square foot basis?

Any floor fitting company that you make contact with will undoubtedly have some things to ask you too. You may want to be ready with some answers to their questions, some of which may be similar to the following:

  • Is it a finished or unfinished floor?Do the planks/tiles/panels have snap lock joints?
  • What type of flooring needs to be installed?
  • What condition is the existing floor in and what type is it?
  • Does the existing floor or sub floor require extensive work before the new floor can be put down.
  • Does the existing floor require removal?
  • Is an underlay required?
  • How many square feet need covering?
  • Where is your location?
  • When do you need the floor installed?

Once you have been provided with some estimates for the installation you will want to spend time going through them carefully so that you can draw up a shortlist. You may well find that the quotations for the job vary substantially, but it has to be said that it would be inadvisable to choose an installer on price alone at this stage. A more important factor to consider would be of the fitter having a consistent and proven reputation for reliably carrying out high quality installations. If you favor a particular installer but find their quote to be just a little on the high side you may want to remember that it is often possible to negotiate down from an initial offer. In fact, many contractors will expect there to be some negotiation over the price, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Well Done! If you’ve got this far then it looks like you are just about ready to be the proud owner of a stylish laminate floor!

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