Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has superior durability, resilience for wear as well as staining and low maintenance. Ceramic tile flooring doesn’t require much upkeep, is water resistant, cost effecient, good air quality, eco-friendly and adds a great resale value to your home and looks beautiful with the many color choices available today. However, some intricate patterns of application is a large undertaking and will likewise reflect in a much higher cost. Ceramic tiles can be chipped or cracked from a heavy impact and replacing that tile isn’t a quick or easy fix without possibly damaging tiles next to it. Grouting between tiles may become discolored from daily wear and can be hard to clean. There are many different color of grout to choose from when using on flooring to compliment tile color and disguise dirt and discoloration.
Porcelain tiles are more dense and not as porous as ceramic tile. Porcelain tile being harder throughout it’s entire composition, it is considered a better choice for heavy usage and more durable than ceramic tile.
*The average life span of ceramic flooring is 75-100 years. Marble and granite however, can last over 100 years.
*The average cost is $7-$14/sf or roughly $1,050-$2,100 for installation of a tile floor in a 10x15ft room or (150 sf).
*200 sf floor will cost about $2,700-$4,000 on average with most people spending anywhere from $2,700-$13,000 at the highest price point

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